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12. 10. 2015

Decorating the nursery for this sweet babe is the most fun and intimidating thing I’ve ever done.  I’ve never started from scratch in a room and decorated it exactly how I want to (hence why I still use the dresser that was in my own nursery as a baby).  There are just so many options, but also not so many because there’s these little things like a relatively small room and an even smaller budget.  But I’ve got some fun ideas in the works and I plan to share them on here as projects get finished.

First of all, what’s the theme??  Good question.  I would describe it as a kind of adventurer theme with touches of tribal and geometric prints.  That’s the plan anyway.  And it’s gender neutral because we’re those weirdos who are waiting for the ultimate surprise :)  so there has been a lot of time spent on Pinterest scoping out ideas.  A lot of time.  I should probably stop.  But I can’t.

But Pinterest led me to this wonderful little mobile DIY that can be found at here.

I really followed the tutorial pretty closely but I thought I would share my cell phone pictures to try to compete with the professional ones you can find in the other tutorial :)


It’s kind of tribal but also kind of cool and modern.  I love it.  And even with buying all the materials, it was way cheaper than buying a mobile.

I started out by painting the tips of the feathers gold on both sides.  Then I wrapped the gold ribbon around the ring in what was supposed to be a more random pattern but actually ended up pretty symmetrical.  I’m just an accidental perfectionist, what can I say ;)  I glued each point that I wrapped the ribbon because it was sliding all over the place when I pulled it tight.

20150919_183313       20150919_192051

I really like it hanging in the window though.  And there’s a little sneak peak of the crib.  It’s actually white, not a natural wood finish like it kind of looks here.  Darn that cell phone camera!

20151010_151832        20151010_151810

More nursery updates to come for sure.  I definitely picked the easiest craft to start with!

As a side note, growing a human is kicking my butt these days.  My whole body just aches, especially my lower back and stomach.  I am happy that I get to be experiencing it, but it’s tough.  And I’m only halfway!

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  1. Heather says:

    Sarah, it is so fun to have a peek into your life by reading the blog posts. You are in the many of so many great life changes: newly married, new home, becoming a mom- God is greatly blessing you. Keep the updates coming. Aunt Heather

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