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11. 03. 2016

Hello everyone!  I fully intended to take pictures and post this before Abel was born – because I promise, it really was finished ahead of time!  This was one of the many things that didn’t happen, including:  cleaning my house (the whole “nesting” thing never happened like I thought it was supposed to??), getting a haircut and pedicure, picking a pediatrician and daycare provider, and I’m sure a few other really important things that are long forgotten.  I apparently had really big plans for my last two weeks of pregnancy!

But without further ado, here’s a little photo tour of Abel’s nursery!


Just a regular nursery guard dog :)




This is our dresser and changing station. We’ve definitely gotten to know this area well ;) Artwork “tutorial” here





This rocking chair was used in both mine and my sister’s nurseries. I’m sure Abel and I will spend many late nights in this chair!




These books are all either mine from childhood or gifts from friends and family. Little guy is getting smarter already!



“All good things are wild and free”. Just like little boys :)



This mountain print is kind of what inspired the whole nursery. I ordered all four of these prints off of etsy. You can find them here, here, here, and here. And the tutorial for the mobile here.



I really love how the crib came together and that it is nice and simple. The crib itself is from IKEA. In case anyone is in the market for a crib mattress, I got this one. Very good price and great reviews. Ben’s mom made the square quilt and the crib sheet and our dear friend Jessica made the hexagon quilt. They both add the perfect touch and were a total surprise! The pillows are homemade with fabric from fabric.com.




Just in case there weren’t enough books in the bookcase, I thought I would display some too. They are on the IKEA picture ledges. Pretty simple and a fun effect. The chest below is one we had laying around and plan to use it for toys. Ben refinished the top and it turned out great!



I hope they take naps together in here someday :) I say someday because Abel is still working on the nap thing.





I can’t take any credit for this sign. Ben stained it and put it together and my dear friend Michelle painted on the letters for me. Although I did go to Home Depot and had them cut the boards to the length I wanted!



These blocks were another project we did. I had Ben stain them (I was pregnant so I couldn’t do these things!) and then used rubber stamps to apply the letters. I sealed the letter-side of the blocks with Mod Podge. Yes I know, these are not baby friendly, they are just decorative :)


So there you have it!  A massive thank you to everyone who contributed – especially to my husband, who probably would have refused if I asked him to stain one more thing :)  I am sure that Abel is well aware of just how awesome his nursery is.

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  1. Auntie Carol Ann says:

    Can’t wait until we are settled back at home so we can see this little precious guy!!!

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