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18. 08. 2016

Baby stuff.  There is so much baby stuff out there!  It can be really overwhelming and I wanted to give my little review on the products we’ve used.  I feel like the stuff you need for babies from birth-6 months is a lot different than 6 months+ so I wanted to take a minute to write about the baby products I loved and those that I thought I would love, but didn’t before I move on to completely different things and forget it all.

First, a few thoughts on the registry in general:

– I used BabyList for my registry rather than registering at an actual store.  I was essentially stalked by BabyList ads every time I looked at anything baby related on Pinterest, so I thought I would give it a try.  I was overall, pretty happy with this decision.  Two positives and two negatives:

I loved the “Products” section where you can see what items other moms have included in their registry and I found it super helpful for items that I didn’t want to waste my time researching to find the best one – like a humidifier and baby toys.

I also loved that you could add babysitting, meals, and hand-me-downs to your registry so that people didn’t feel obligated to actually buy you something if they didn’t want to but still wanted to do something nice.

This is all set up for online shopping.  Most people, myself included, are not this organized when they attend a baby shower.  If I am really on top of things, I have stopped by Target a week before and picked up a few of my baby essentials to give to the new mama.  So really, with the exception of a few allstars, this served as more of an inspiration for people if they even looked at it all.  I suppose this speaks more to human nature than as a demerit for BabyList :)

They don’t offer the percent off your completion purchases after you have the baby like some sites do (Amazon does this).  It would have been nice for sure because there are always things you still need to buy once you have your shower.  But I do love that you can add anything from anywhere and it lets you give more support to small business.

– I also sent this list before it went public to a few of my other new mama friends to see if they thought I should add or didn’t need anything on the list.  I thought this was super helpful because the “must-have” lists that are floating around are way too extravagant if you ask me.  Abel has survived just fine without a wipe warmer but the soft-sided cooler I got because my friend Katy told me I would need one for pumping at work has been a necessity! Use the wisdom around you and only ask for what you will really need!

– Register for gender neutral items!  This was really easy for us because we weren’t finding out the gender ahead of time.  But it always kills me when I see parents who get a pink car seat for their first baby because she’s a girl because they either won’t use or will hate using it for their next baby – which will for sure be a boy since that’s how the world works.  :)  as Abel gets older, I am still trying to buy gender neutral items when I can – even a simple footie pajama can work for both if you keep it basic enough!


Now on to the real reason you are here.  What I would tell me best friend to put on her baby registry.  (PS best friend, this is not a way to tell you to start having babies!  ;))

PSS – I’ve now decided to break this into two posts because I apparently had a lot to say about BabyList and this going to be a long post!  Part 2 coming soon where I will discuss baby products that I ended up not loving.

1. A baby carrier.  We have both an Ergo Carrier and Solly Baby Wrap and I have loved having both.

The Ergo was one I found used on Craigslist and it has been great.  We mostly use it for hiking or when Ben wants to carry Abel, because the Solly Wrap is way too girlie for him.  I will say that I really wish we had spent the little bit of extra money and got the 360 carrier that gives the option for them to look out.  At the time, I didn’t think this would be a big deal but I really think that Abel would like to see where we are exploring.  All in all though, very happy with this purchase.

I have loved having the Solly Wrap too.  It is a lot easier to get into for someone who is by themselves.  (How you are to snap yourself into the Ergo without getting a serious workout is beyond me).  I even used this around the house in the first few weeks for skin-to-skin time when I still wanted to be productive.  I also love how cute they are.  That alone should make you register for one ;)

Really, the best part of these are how much Abel loves being in them.  If we’re needing to just get things done, these have been a life saver.  I’ve vacuumed, planted seeds in my garden, prepped for dinner (you aren’t supposed to actually cook while baby wearing so you don’t accidentally burn a little toe) all with baby in tow.  It’s been great and I imagine as we add kiddos to the mix down the road, it will be even more useful!  Here’s the Solly Wrap in action at the Tulip Festival and the Ergo on a hike.


2.  A Covered Goods nursing cover.

I truly feel like this product has been the key to me being so successful with nursing.  Abel can be a squirmy guy and I never have worry about accidentally putting on a show because he and I both contained by 360 degrees of fabric.  Such a great idea.  And this confidence has let me nurse all kinds of random places and not be worried about it all.  And the fabric is great and stylish.  This might be a trend for all of my favorite products…. :)

3. A Brest Friend nursing pillow.

Real talk – unless you are like the most blessed person on the planet, breastfeeding is hard.  There’s so much more technique to it than I had ever imagined.  This pillow basically creates a platform so you can lay the babes on it and worry about more important things than your arm falling asleep because you’ve been trying for 45 minutes to feed them and it just isn’t happening.  It’s also great that is fastens around you so it’s secure.  I never bought a Boppy pillow because two friends told me to buy this instead and I haven’t looked back.  And you totally can’t beat the name ;)

4. A diaper pail.

We got this one because you can use regular trash bags rather than buying the ones specifically made for the Diaper Genie.  It achieves the same thing as the Diaper Genie – ie trapping the nastiness in the bottom of the pail so you never have to smell it.  We empty this once it’s full – about once a week – and have never had to deal with smells.  I hear that baby poop really takes it up a notch once you introduce solids so I can’t vouch for it working through all of that, but so far so good!

I also think it kind of looks like R2D2 for some reason??  It’s to the right of the dresser in the picture below.


5.  Swaddling blankets


We received a three pack of the ever beautiful Aden + Anais muslin swaddles (pictured above) and really loved them.  They are so very soft and light enough to use even when it is warm.  I will say that we had a little Houdini on our hands and he could get out of even our best swaddle attempts.  So we developed a system of using these blankets for nap time and then bought this sleep sack swaddle at night time.  The velcro is a life saver!  All that to say, I haven’t swaddled a baby in months – ever since the little man could roll over, he’s wanted to sleep on his stomach and swaddling went by the wayside.  But these really are great for just covering up with a light blanket when needed too.

6.  The Snot Sucker!

Unless you are a trained pediatric nurse, don’t even waste your time with the bulb suction thing that they give you when you leave the hospital and go buy the NoseFrida Snotsucker.  You really need this on hand for the first cold so get it before your baby is even born!

A few other honorable mentions that I have purchased recently and really like!  They may not be necessities but they are awesome!

– Mushybooks baby books – these are incredibly beautiful, well made, and non-traditional.  I love mine and it has been so fun to fill out so far!


– Gathre Mat – I was surprised by the idea of leather for a blanket but it is so great for the outdoors.  We just got this so it’s been kind of limited to backyard use but we also took it with us to the lake and it was awesome.  Just wiped it down with a wet towel when we got home and it was good as new.  And it’s waterproof so you can sit on wet grass or sand and stay dry!  Win!

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