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20. 01. 2017

Somehow, I really have no idea how, I am planning my baby boy’s first birthday party that is in just a few weeks!  So many mixed emotions about this.  But the good news is babies don’t care one bit what their party is like, because they don’t even know what a party is on their first birthday.  So I get to hold off on the Daniel Tiger themed parties for a little longer and we are hosting brunch for family.  (I threw out Daniel Tiger because I think it’s relevant.  In reality, we don’t watch TV at all yet so I really struggled naming a kids show.  Daniel Tiger might not even be a thing anymore but I heard about it a few months ago…)

So when you hop on Pinterest because there is no other way to start planning a party, bunting is everywhere!  It looks simple enough that there is the typical moment of inspiration (or Pinspiration if you will) and you think, “Hey, I could do that!”  And then you start researching the heck out of the countless DIY options out there.  You know when you see those tutorials on Pinterest written by women who apparently are professional crafters who use words like pennant that you have to look up (pennants are apparently the individual flag things of the bunting) and they are require a bunch of supplies that will take you two hours to check all the crafts stores in town trying to find some random thing that is actually kind of expensive and then you find it on Amazon and then you think to yourself, I don’t have Prime, this isn’t going to be here for two weeks so you end up just buying it on Etsy?  (that was an intentional run-on sentence, rest easy high school English teachers!)

While I love me some Etsy and I still want everyone reading this to support small businesses like the one’s on Etsy, this post is here to provide the non-crafter’s tutorial for a really simple, quick and dirty bunting.

Let me start by saying, yes I could have spent more time on this project but I knew that it was mostly going to be used for this party and that was it.  So there are raw, unhemmed edges and sometimes I didn’t cut perfectly straight, but for what I needed, that was ok.  I think this situation comes up a lot for people, which is why I am writing this tutorial!

Let me start by saying that this is bunting:

It has nothing to do with baseball or a snow suit for a baby.  It’s fabric triangles strung together on a string.  That’s it!

So here is what you will need to make one of these puppies:

All I had to buy from the list above was the fabric and I bought twice as much as I needed because I was in a hurry in the fabric store and didn’t think it through properly (aka ahead of time).  So this project should have cost me $4.50.  Not bad and cheaper than Etsy (sorry Etsy).

Let’s get started!

Start by picking the size you want your triangles to be.  I made mine 5″ wide along the base and 5″ tall.  I probably could have made them a bit bigger but it’s a baby’s birthday party so smaller is on theme right?? ;)  The easiest way to do this and crank out a bunch is to mark out the half point and whole length of your base (2.5″ and 5″ in my case) and then at the half way point measure out for your height (5″ in my case) and then just draw your diagonal lines to connect.  And then you can draw a horizontal line connecting the points across the bottom and you have another set of triangles.  Another pro tip, keep your fabric folded in half so you have half as many cuts to make!

This is probably easier to understand using the picture below.  Follow the numbered steps and cut the blue, green and purple lines and you will end up with 6 triangles (assuming you kept your fabric folded)


Cut them all out, then fold the base in to make a little pocket to run your string through.  Mine was about 1/2″.  Just keep in mind, it needs to be wide enough to thread your string/twine through once you are done.  Pin these in place.

Sew them closed.  If you wanted to not use a sewing machine, you could use some kind of fabric tape but I didn’t have any and I was trying to keep this project inexpensive.

Trim the corners off that are hanging over when you folded it.  I had originally planned to iron all of the triangles at this point but since it was just a lightweight cotton fabric, it wasn’t wrinkled and didn’t seem like it needed it, so I skipped that step (I know, bummer, because I really love ironing)


The final step is just to string your string or twine through the pockets.  I tied mine onto a crochet hook to help feed it through and that worked really well but I feel like a safety pin or even a pencil (if your pocket is wide enough) could work if you don’t have one.


And that’s it!  See what I mean?  Totally doable!


One of my buntings is going around the high chair tray because apparently for a first birthday you have to decorate those things like a throne.  The kid better not get the cake frosting from the cake he also had to have all of it… ;)  Above is the quick trial run, I will definitely make sure my spacing is better when it’s actually party day!

The second bunting I added letters to to spell out Happy Birthday Abel and will string that behind the food table.  I don’t have as good of pictures of that, but I basically just printed out the words in a large, bold font on regular ole printer paper and then carefully cut them out.  I used double-sided tape to attached them to the bunting.  Again, not a long term solution, but they are going in the garbage as soon as the party wraps up, so it didn’t need to be.  More pictures of that to come!

With that, I hope you feel empowered to make your own.  I would say good luck but it really is so easy, you don’t even need it! ;)

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